3 phase ZSCB Double split rectifier transformer

Short Description:

ZSCB double-split epoxy resin cast rectifier transformer is a new type of high-tech dry rectifier transformer with fish-containing rectifier developed by our company. It is produced with high-quality materials and advanced production testing equipment according to strict processes. It is a dry-type transformer with high electrical strength, mechanical strength and heat resistance. The product has the characteristics of high reliability and long service life. Suitable for photovoltaic power plants, chemical rubber industry, etc. According to different use environments, different protection levels can be configured.

Product Detail

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Temperature rise control Effectively prevent local overheating High overload capacity Transformer

Model meaning

Model ZSCB£-xxxx / xx
Z SC B £ xxxx xx
Rectifier Three-phase solid molding (epoxy pouring) Low voltage “foil” coil Performance level Rated Capacity Rated high voltage voltage (KV)

Product advantages

• Security,flame ratardant fire prevention,can directly mounted in load center;
• Maintenance free,easy installation,integrated cost is low;
• Low loss, low noise, obvious energy saving effect;
• Especially suitable for high altitude;
•At the same time improve the heat dissipation and heat resistance performance;
• Eliminate the influence of harmonics;
.Special insulation design for low voltage winding, stable electrical performance;
• According to different use environments, different protection levels can be configured;
• National star products, timely after-sales service.
• Good moisture resistance;
• Equipped with perfect temperature protection control system for transform,probide areliable guarantee safe operation.

Structure principle

The high voltage voltage of this series of products is generally 6kV, 10kV, 35kV; the low voltage voltage is generally 0.66 kV, 0.4 kV, 0.315 kV, 0.27 kV. The connection group is D, do, y11 or D, y11, do. The transformer is connected to an external rectifier to provide a 12-pulse DC power supply for the equipment. This kind of transformer is required to run through or half through. In order to ensure that the short-circuit impedances of the two low-voltage coils to the high-voltage coil are approximately equal, the high-low-voltage coil adopts a shaft bidirectional split structure, and each half of the high-voltage coil is connected to the corresponding low-voltage coil (connected to d or connected to y). )Corresponding.
In this way, the high and low voltage coils are distributed evenly along the axial magnetic potential, which can greatly reduce the electromotive force during a short circuit. Thereby improving its ability to withstand sudden short circuits.
The high voltage coil is an epoxy resin cast coil, and the low voltage is a foil coil structure. One set of low voltage leads is drawn from the upper side, and a set of leads is drawn from the lower side. This series of products has been successfully connected to the network and is operating in good condition.


Q: Are your transformers supported for customization ?
A: Yes, of course. We can design and produce accroding to the technical requirements and parameters of customers.

Q: Can the price be negotiated ?
A: Yes, the price can be negotiated. The marked prices of the transformers are for reference only. Accroding to the technical requirements and parameters of customers, the price is different.

Q:Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A:Yes. Different transformers is different. We offer at least one year guarantee for all of our transformers.

Q:Do you accept Factory Acceptance Test?
A:Yes. It’s available. And we are responsible for each set transformer’s testing (ICE).

Q:Do you assign engineer for after-sale service?
A:Yes. For our products,we all provide after-sale installation instructions and installation video.


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