Zigzag Dry Type Grounding Transformer DKC

Short Description:

The grounding transformer is often used to provide an artificial neutral point that can carry a load for the system grounding at the ungrounded point of the system. The neutral point of this product is connected to the arc suppression coil or resistor, and then grounded. The secondary winding with continuous rated capacity can be used as the power supply of the station.

Product Detail

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Three-phase dry-type power transformer 30KVA380V to 10000V high-voltage power transformer


Model meaning

Model DK£C□□□□□
Grounding transformer D is single phase Number of phases: S is three-phase,D is single phase Shaped solid Design Number Rated voltage (KV) Rated current (A) Rated reactance (Ω)

1. Application

The product provides an artificial and support loads neutral point for the system with no neutral point to make the system grounding. The product also can be used as a substation power with a secondary winding of continuous use.
anti-explosion, damp-proof, dust proof. The adoption of integral casting coil structure makes it high mechanical strength, small  partial discharge capacity, High Reliability. This product also has the advantages of safety,  energy saving, environmental protection, and maintenance free. It can be installed in moist and dirty environment. It is suitable for airport, station, wharf, the subway, power plant, substation, hospital, hotel, business center, sports venue, high-rise building, residential area and industrial and mining enterprise etc.
2. Specifications:

Ambient temperature: -25ºC~+55ºC
Relative humidity: less than 95% (25ºC)
Rated capacity: 100~5500kVA;
Rated voltage: 35kV and below;
Insulation heat resistance grade: F grade;
Standard basis: GB1094.6;
Enclosure: aluminum-zinc plates, stainless steel plates or cold-rolled steel plates according to your requirements.
Package: Fumigation-free woodiness packaging
Relative humidity of the air: daily average does not exceed 95%, monthly average does not exceed 90%;
Altitude: below 1000m;
The inclination of the ground is not more than 3, with a good grounding grid;
Workplace: There is no fire, explosion hazard, no conductive dust, no violent vibration, and there should be enough space for the device to open the door.

Product Usage

35kV and below power systems such as substations, user distribution stations, etc.

Product Description

Three-phase isolation transformers are the main components of various power supplies and electrical equipment, and are manufactured using high-quality materials and advanced technology. The transformer completely insulates the electrical between the primary and secondary sides and isolates the circuit. That way, a short circuit on the primary side does not affect the secondary side. The three-phase isolation transformer not only has the function of voltage transformation in the power grid, but also isolates the third harmonic of the power grid to the equipment, and the primary and secondary plus copper foil shielding, effectively protecting the interference of the power grid harmonics on the equipment. It is especially suitable for import and export equipment between 0.1KVA-1600KVA, suitable for various three-phase power supply occasions with AC 50 ~ 60HZ, input and output voltage not exceeding 1600V. Product input and output voltage (three-phase or multi-channel input and output, etc.), connection method, adjusting tap position, winding capacity allocation, secondary winding equipment, outer box (selected according to different use environments), can be based on user Requires careful design and manufacturing. 

Our Advantages

High quality new cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets are used for stacking; H-class temperature-resistant 180 ° enameled wire, bare coil winding is beautiful and elegant, primary and secondary air duct fans are hot, galvanized feet, vacuum dipping paint, and oven drying! Effectively reduce vibration and noise during operation, increase electrical strength, and introduce new processes and technologies such as the design of high-temperature-resistant insulating materials, making the product more energy-efficient and quieter. The energy-saving and low-noise coil has a ventilation slot, and the air flow is smooth, and the coil temperature is quickly and effectively reduced.

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