DFW-12 DFW-24 630A European common high voltage outdoor cable branch box

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Model Number: DFW -12
Color: Customize
Product Name: cable branch box
Application: Power Transmission
Material: Stainless Steel
Rated Voltage: 10KV 12KV 24KV
Rated current: 630A
Function: Protecting Function
Warranty: 1 Year
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Standard: GB/T16927
Certificate: CCC

Product Detail

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European-style cable distribution box is a cable engineering equipment widely used in power distribution network systems in recent years. Its main features are two-way door opening, wall bushings as connection busbars, small length, clear cable arrangement, and three-core The cable does not require significant advantages such as large span crossover. The cable connector used complies with the DIN47636 standard. Generally, a fixed connection type cable connector with a rated current of 630A is used.

Model meaning

MODEL: DFW-□-□ □

DFW: Cable distribution box
□: Voltage level
□: Number of circuits (total number of incoming and outgoing wires in one phase)
□: A is with lightning arrester, the default is without

Main Technical Parameter:

Rated Voltage 12KV
Rated Current 630A
Dynamic steady current 50KA/0.3s
Thermally stable current 20KA/3s
1 min power frequency withstand voltage 42KV
15 minutes DC withstand voltage 52KV
Light impulse withstand voltage 105KV
Box Protection Level IP33

Conditions of Use

• Ambient temperature: highest temperature: +40℃, lowest temperature -30℃;
• Wind speed: equivalent to 34m/s (not more than 700Pa);
• Humidity: the average daily relative humidity is not more than 95%, and the monthly average relative humidity is not more than 95%;
• Anti-vibration: the horizontal acceleration is not more than 0.4m/s2, the vertical acceleration is not more than 0.15m/s2:
•Inclination of installation site: not more than 3°;
•Installation environment: The surrounding air is not significantly polluted by corrosive, flammable gas, water vapor, etc., and there is no severe vibration at the installation site.
Note: When ordering this product beyond the above conditions, please consult with our company.


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