GGJ Low Voltage Reactive Compensation Equipment 0.4kV Switchgear Type Metal Electrical Control Load Center

Short Description:

Model Number: GGJ
Color: Grey
Application: Low Voltage Reactive Compensation Equipment
Material: Stainless Steel
Certificate: CE ISO CCC IEC
Rated Voltage: 400V
Standard: IEC60439
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Protection Level: IP40
Phase: Three Phase
Usage: Electricity Transmission Project
Size: Customized Size

Product Detail

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As this device can effectively improve the power factor of the electrical load, reduce the line loss, and improve the actual load capacity of the transformer, it has a significant energy saving effect. At the same time, the use of a specific reactor in the system can also be effective Prevent harmonic amplification and effectively absorb most of the harmonic currents, so that the harmonic voltage total distortion rate limit and the harmonic current content limit of each sub-harmonic current meet the national standards, and achieve the purpose of harmonic control. And if you use an ordinary contactor to cast Cutting the capacitor bank will bring about large inrush current, slow compensation time, high maintenance cost and short service life. Therefore, we recommend that users give priority to dynamic reactive power compensation in the following situations Devices such as: low-voltage power grids in industrial and mining enterprises’ substations, production workshops, and civil buildings are particularly suitable for transmission and distribution systems with frequent changes in load and unstable reactive power.

This product complies with: G8/T15576-2008 “Low-voltage complete set of reactive power compensation equipment”, IEC60439 “Low-voltage complete set of switchgear and control equipment” and other standards.

Model meaning

MODEL: GGJ □ □ □

GGJ: Compensation cabinet
□: Compensation method: 1 is dynamic compensation, normal can be omitted
□: Compensation capacity: kVar
□: Voltage level: 230V400V
□: Wiring mode: D-angle wiring, Y-star wiring

Conditions of Use

•  Ambient temperature: -5°C-+40r;
• Environmental relative humidity: no more than 90% (20℃);
• Altitude: not more than 2000m;
• There is no danger of explosion in the surrounding medium, no gas that can damage and corrode metals, no conductive dust, no severe vibration at the installation site, and no rain or snow erosion.


◆ Automatically compensate reactive power and improve power factor.
◆ Improve equipment efficiency and save investment.
◆ Reduce power distribution line loss and transformer loss.
◆ Change the voltage quality and improve the reliability of power supply.
◆ Strong general performance: The compensation cabinet can be combined with any cabinets at home and abroad, such as MNS, GCK, GGD, etc.;
◆ Capacitor compensation combination methods are diverse and flexible: Y-type compensation method, A-type compensation method, Y+A combined compensation method are available;
◆ Diversified communication methods: with RS-232/485 communication interface, wireless data transmission module or GPRS module for long-distance communication;
◆ Control is accurate and safe: the voltage zero-crossing trigger is implemented, there is no surge current zero-crossing removal when switching on, and no high voltage is generated when breaking;
◆ Long service life: Under maintenance-free, the service life can reach more than 100,000 hours.

System Rated Voltage (V)
Switch Time (ms)
Rated Frequency (Hz)
Input Surge (In)
Sample Current(A)
Power Consumption (W)
Sensitivity (mA)

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