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GCS type low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is suitable for power distribution systems in power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other industries. In large-scale power plants, petrochemical systems and other places with a high degree of automation and computer interfaces, as a three-phase AC frequency of 50 (60) Hz, rated working voltage of 380V (400) V, (600) V, and rated current of 4000A Low-voltage complete set of power distribution devices used in power distribution, centralized motor control, and reactive power compensation in power generation and power supply systems and below.

Model meaning

MODEL: GCS □ □ □

G: Enclosed switch cabinet
C: Withdrawable
S: Electrical System
□: Auxiliary circuit scheme number
□: Main circuit scheme number

Structural features

1. The main frame of the device adopts 8MF steel, and the frame adopts two structural forms: assembled and partially welded. There are mounting modulus holes E=20mm on the main frame.

2. The functional rooms of the device are strictly separated. The compartments are mainly divided into functional unit rooms, busbar rooms, and cable rooms. The functions of each unit are relatively independent.
3. Dimension series of the device cabinet (unit: ㎜) High 2200 Width 400* 600* 800* 1000 Depth 800 *1000* 800* 1000* 600 *800 *1000 *600* 800 *1000*2200
Electrical panels Basic Parameters

electrical panels Rated voltage of main circuit (V)

AC 380(400)(660)

electrical panels Rated voltage of ancillary circuit (V)

AC 220 380(400) DC 110 220

electrical panels Rated frequency (Hz)


Nominal insulation voltage (V)


Rated current (A)

Horizontal bus


Vertical bus (MCC)


Bus rated short-time withstand current (KV/1S)

50 80

Bus rated peak withstand current (KV/0.1S)

105 176

Degree of protection


Main Structure The main structure adopts 8FM opening section steel, in both sides of which there are two mounting holes with modulus 20mm and 100mmφ9.2mm respectively. The internal mounting is flexible and convenient. The main structure has two alternatives of mode of assembly, i.e. fully assembled structure and the structure with welded part frames and beam. All the function chambers of the cabinet are separated. The compartments include a functional unit chamber, a bus chamber and a cable chamber. All the chambers are independent relatively. The horizontal main bus bar is arranged horizontally on the cabinet back for the purpose of enhancing the bus’s capability of resisting electromotive power. This is a basic measure to make the main circuit have a high short circuit withstand strength. The design of cable compartment enables the cables to pass through upwards or downwards to be extremely convenient.

 The electrical panels universal dimensions (mm) of the cabinet are shown in the following table



















Electrical panels Functional Units

The course height of drawer is 160mm, including such five dimensions as 1/2 unit, 1 unit, unit, 2 units and 3 units. The rated current of unit circuit is up to and including 400A. The modification of drawer is generally made to the height but not to that of width and depth. The drawers with same fictional units are interchangeable. Each MCC cabinet is able to mount 11 1-unit or 22 1/2-unit at most. The incoming and outgoing lines of drawer adopt the chip structure socket connectors with different number of chips but same specification according to the current intensity. The drawers of 1/2 unit are switched to the cable chamber by means of the ZJ-2 type switch parts of back plate type structure. The unit drawer is switched to the cable chamber by means of bar or tubular ZJ-1 type switch parts of the same size according to the classification of current. There are obvious marks in the positions of separation, closing, test and drawing out in the drawer panel. The drawer unit is equipped with a mechanical interlocking device.

Ordering Instructions The purchase contract should cover the following items. The full series of product includes the numbers of main circuit scheme and ancillary circuit scheme. Diagram on the combination sequence of main circuit system Electric schematic diagram of ancillary circuit List of components in cabinets Voltage, current and time and other adjustment variables in circuit Other special requirements differing from normal using of product

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