DKSC Series 11kv 415v Of Dry Type Grounded Transformers

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Pengbian or OEM

Model Number: dry type transformer

Usage: Electronic

Phase: Three

Coil Structure: TOROIDAL


Certification: ISO9001:2008

Type: Oil immersed type

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Rated capacity: 30-3000kva

Standard: IEC60076

Rated voltage: 35KV

Output Voltage: 200v/220/240/380v/400v/415v/440v

Material: Copper

Feature: Electrical Performence

Size available: Acceptable


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DKSC Series 11kv 415v Of Dry Type Grounded Transformers


This series of dry-type transformers are used to directly reduce 35KV electrical grid power supply to 400V distribution power supply for users and omits the stage of 10KV transmis-sion and transformation, which significantly decreases operating costs and engineering construction costs of multi-level substation projects,and have significant social benefits.
By optimizing the structure of the high-voltage coil the distributions of voltage and capaci-tance between layers are improved, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of prod-ucts to withstand atmospheric over-voltage and operating over-voltage, as well as im-proves the electric field distribution and further reduces the partial discharge volume of product.

Product overview

Grounding transformer is often used to provide a manually loadable neutral point for ungrounded points of the system for grounding of the system. The neutral point of this product is connected to arc suppression coil or resistor and then grounded. Secondary windings with continuous rated capacity can be used as power supply for the station.

Product use

Substations, substations and other user 35kV and below the power system.

Product parameter

Product features


The main technical parameters

Rated capacity: 100 ~ 5500kVA;

Rated voltage: 35kV and below;

Insulation heat class: F grade;

Standards based on: GB1094.6;

Ambient temperature: -25 ~ +40 ℃;

Air relative humidity: daily average of not more than 95%, the monthly average of not more than 90%;

Altitude: below 1000m;

The gradient of the ground is not more than 3, with a good grounding grid;

workplace: no fire or explosion hazard, no conductive dust, no violent vibration, and sufficient space shall be reserved to open the device door.

Grounded Transformers Supplier

Zhejiang Pengbian Electric Co., Ltd. is located in China’s electrical capital, is a collection of high-tech at home and abroad in one, the development and production of power transmission equipment key enterprises.

The company has advanced production equipment and exquisite manufacturing technology, specializing in the production of dry type transformer, oil-immersed transformer, special transformer, all kinds of reactor, wind power, photovoltaic transformer substation, substation transformer core, European-style box-type substation, American box transformer substation, high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment such as high and low voltage switchgear. Products should be widely in electric power, railway, industrial and mining enterprises, shipping, etc.

Core material for cold rolled silicon-steel sheet is made of high quality orientation,4 5 degrees of inclined seam structure, column with insulation tape binding, the surfaces of the core insulationresin paint seal in mois-ture from the rust, clamp parts and fasteners by surface treatment to prevent corrosion.

Low pressure foil coil
Foil products no axial axial spiral Angle, number of turns and balance of ampere turns , high and low voltage winding short circuit of transformer when axial stress is lesser,sec-ondly because of its thin insulation,craft and easy to set up multiple air duct,the heat dis-

Hv casted winding
Class F coil insulated copper wire as conduc-tor,glass fiber and epoxy resin composite materials for insulation,its coefficient of expansion similar to the copper conductor, with good impact resistance,temperature changes.

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