QKSC Series Resin Insulation Dry-Type Core Shunt Reactor

Short Description:

QKSC iron core starting reactor is suitable for 50Hz AC power system with rated working voltage of 6~35kV to limit the start-up current of motor. When AC asynchronous motor starts at rated voltage, the initial starting current will be very large, often many times exceeding of rated current. To reduce the starting current and influence on power grid, AC asynchronous motor or self-coupling transformer is usually started by voltage reduction method. The starting process of AC motor is very short. After starting, reactor or self-coupling transformer for step-down starting is removed. This product is designed according to the starting characteristics of high-voltage asynchronous motor and matches the motor power of 220 ~ 1400 (kW).

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Conditions of use

1.ASL not exceeding 1000m;

2.Operating environment temperature being -25 ~ +45(℃);

3.Installed indoor places without violate vibration, harmful gases or dust, flammable and explosive articles;

4.When the start-up time reaches 2min, it shall be cooled for 6 hours before the second start-up.

Product structure

The iron core of QKSC type dry core starting reactor is made of high-quality imported cold rolled silicon steel sheets, of which the core leg is divided into small sections uniformly by a plurality of air gaps; the air gaps are isolated by epoxy plates, and high-temperature and high-strength adhesives are adopted to ensure that the air gaps do not change during the operation of the reactor;

The end face of the iron core is made of high-quality silicon steel sheet end face glue, so that the silicon steel sheets are firmly combined together, significantly reducing the noise in operation, and endowing better corrosion resistance; the coil adopts lapped structure in which the main insulation of the coil is made of glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin, and is soaked with high-temperature resistant insulating paint under vacuum after hot drying and curing.

The coil has good insulation performance and high mechanical strength. It can withstand large current impact, cold and hot impact when the motor is started without cracking.

Order is the basic data

Please provide the following parameters and technical requirements in written when ordering:

1. Rated capacity of the reactor;

2. Rated voltage and frequency of the system;

3. Terminal voltage of capacitor

4. Rated reactance rate or reactance;

5. Rated current and maximum continuous current;

6. Dynamic, thermal equilibrium current and duration;

7. Operating duration of each startup; number of consecutive startups and runs

8. Startup cooling period;

9. Service conditions (indoor)

10. Other special requirements

Product parameter

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QKSC Dry-Type Core Shunt Reactor Manufacturer

Zhejiang Pengbian Electric Co., Ltd. is located in China’s electrical capital, is a collection of high-tech at home and abroad in one, the development and production of power transmission equipment key enterprises.

The company has advanced production equipment and exquisite manufacturing technology, specializing in the production of dry type transformer, oil-immersed transformer, special transformer, all kinds of reactor, wind power, photovoltaic transformer substation, substation transformer core, European-style box-type substation, American box transformer substation, high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment such as high and low voltage switchgear. Products should be widely in electric power, railway, industrial and mining enterprises, shipping, etc.

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