Flat Open Wound Bent Core

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By years of careful researching and development, the core R&D team of our Company has researched and developed flat open-ended bent wound core which can be made into various core forms such as “single-phase”, “three-phase”, “three-column”, “five-limb” and “shell”. Transformers of all voltage classes and capacities can be manufactured using this structural core. It has the advantages of excellent electromagnetic performance, low excitation current, low no-load loss, low noise, small volume, light weight, environmental protection and energy saving, flexible core manufacturing, high quality reliability, small appearance size and the like, and can meet the requirements of customers on any size.

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The iron core transformer also has superior technological performance and can realize the mechanization of iron core manufacturing, as well as the split manufacturing of the iron core and the coil. What’s more, the stress generated in the assembly process of iron core and coil is small, thus greatly reducing the additional loss of iron core. Each single-frame iron core piece is processed and formed by special automatic equipment, requiring no large number of mechanical equipment and production personnel.

Product features

(steady) anti-short circuit ability;

(static) low noise;

(province) Intelligent manufacturing core, the cost is low;

(optimal) Process performance is superior product;

(section) low no-load current, saving energy and reducing consumption.

Zhejiang Pengbian Electric Co., Ltd. is located in China’s electrical capital, is a collection of high-tech at home and abroad in one, the development and production of power transmission equipment key enterprises.

The company has advanced production equipment and exquisite manufacturing technology, specializing in the production of dry type transformer, oil-immersed transformer, special transformer, all kinds of reactor, wind power, photovoltaic transformer substation, substation transformer core, European-style box-type substation, American box transformer substation, high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment such as high and low voltage switchgear. Products should be widely in electric power, railway, industrial and mining enterprises, shipping, etc.

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