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Magnetic control reactor

The full name of magnetically controlled reactor is magnetic valve type controllable reactor, in short MCR. It is a shunt reactor with adjustable capacity mainly used for reactive power compensation of power system.

Function of the device

Improve power factor and reduce line loss caused by reactive current of the line; at the same time, suppress and filter harmonic waves, reduce voltage fluctuation, flicker and distortion, stabilize voltage, increase system damping, suppress subsynchronous resonance existing in a steam turbine power generation system, and buffer the power oscillation; microelectronic control system requires no mechanical switching facilities and has high speed response, smooth and stepless dynamic adjustment.

Applicable standard

GB/T 20298-2006 Static type wattless power compensation device (SVC) features

GB/T 20297-2006 Static type wattless power compensation device (SVC) features

DL/T 1010.1-1010.5 The high voltage static wattless compensation device part 1~5

GB10229-1988 Reactors

GB12325-1990 Permissible deviations of supply voltage

GB50227-95 Design regulations of shunt capacitors

GB/T14549-1993 Harmonic waves of public power network

GB/T15543-1995 Permissible unbalance rate of three-phase voltage

GB/T15945-1995 Permissible deviation of frequency in power system

GB1208-97 Current transformers

GB12326-90 Permissible voltage fluctuation and transient change

GB/311.1-5-86 High voltage insulation coordination and test technique

GB3983.2-89 High voltage shunt capacitors

DL/T604-1996 Technical requirements for ordering high voltage shunt capacitors

GB15166-1994 High voltage fuses for protecting single shunt capacitor

JB/T8970-1999 Discharging coil for high voltage shunt capacitors

ZBK48004-90 High voltage AC filtration capacitor

GBT7328-87 Sound level measurement for transformers and reactors

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MCR Magnetic Control Reactor Manufacturer

Zhejiang Pengbian Electric Co., Ltd. is located in China’s electrical capital, is a collection of high-tech at home and abroad in one, the development and production of power transmission equipment key enterprises.

The company has advanced production equipment and exquisite manufacturing technology, specializing in the production of dry type transformer, oil-immersed transformer, special transformer, all kinds of reactor, wind power, photovoltaic transformer substation, substation transformer core, European-style box-type substation, American box transformer substation, high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment such as high and low voltage switchgear. Products should be widely in electric power, railway, industrial and mining enterprises, shipping, etc.


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