PBXGN □ -121CVF) solid insulated ring network cabinet

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PBXGN □-12 (CVF) solid insulated ring main unit switchgear is a new generation of environmentally friendly solid insulated ring main unit developed by our company. Mainly composed of three functional units, namely V unit (circuit breaker unit), C unit (load switch), F unit (combined electrical unit), each unit can be used alone or freely expanded, and its structure is divided into intelligent control instruments Room, operating mechanism and primary part. The instrument room can be equipped with microcomputer protection (controller). The mechanism is a special bomb operation mechanism. The primary part adopts APG automatic gel process, and the isolation switch and arc extinguishing chamber are completely sealed in epoxy resin. And there are special joints and busbar phase edges. The design switch of the arc extinguishing chamber adopts the special copper contact material, the R type longitudinal magnetic field contact, and the complete one-time sealing process. The interrupting short-circuit current capability, stability, electrical life, temperature of the arc extinguishing chamber Compared with the previous arc extinguishing chamber (copper-aluminum contact material, cup-shaped longitudinal magnetic field contact structure, and incomplete one-time sealing process), both the rise and the insulation level have been significantly improved.

Model meaning

MODEL: PBXGN□-12(CVF) PB: Enterprise code
XGN: Solid insulation
12: Rated voltage (kV)
□: Main switch type:C- means load switch unitF- means combined electrical unit

V- means vacuum circuit breaker unit

Conditions of Use

The operating mechanism adopts an integrated spring operating mechanism that cooperates with the switch, that is, the isolation switch and the main switch spring operating mechanism are integrated, which can facilitate interlocking, and has fewer mechanical parts, reduces unnecessary transmission links, and has high reliability. Electric operation can be installed according to user needs.
Fixed insulation fully enclosed switchgear: it uses solid insulating material as the main insulating medium and conductive connections, isolation switches, grounding switches, main busbars, branch busbars and other main conductive circuits, single or combined, and then covered and packaged with solid insulating media into one or more A fully insulated and fully sealed module with certain functions that can be combined or expanded again.
The three-station mechanism adopts the design of over-center spring, which has the function of switching and closing load current, and can also realize manual and electric operation.


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