PBSRM6-12 Gas Insulated Metal Enclosed Switchgear

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PBSRM6-12 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear is a three-phase AC 50Hz, SF6 gas fully-insulated and fully-sealed metal-enclosed switchgear.
Modular design is adopted, and main switches such as vacuum circuit breaker, load switch, load switch-fuse combination electrical appliance, and isolating switch are used as functional units, which are placed in a sealed air box to form each inflatable compartment unit. The busbar can be connected through the busbar connector. Extend arbitrarily in the left and right directions, and use plug-in cables for incoming lines. Not affected by the environment, high safety, maintenance-free, and strong reliability.
It is widely used in industrial and civil ring network power distribution systems and power supply terminals, especially in small secondary power distribution stations, industrial and mining enterprise opening and closing stations, urban residential quarters, airports, railways and other places.

Model meaning

MODEL:PBSRM6-12 PB: Enterprise code
SRM6: Gas insulation
12: Rated voltage (kV)
□: G is fixed type, K is expandable, D is cable branch box scheme
□: Standard module code
□: Expansion method

Expansion method:

LT-left top expansion, RT-right top expansion, LS-left expansion, RS-side expansion
LTRT-left and right top expansion, LTRS-left top expansion, right expansion, RTLS-right top left expansion

Conditions of Use

•Ambient air temperature: -40℃ -+40℃:, daily temperature difference: no more than 35℃;
• The altitude does not exceed 4000m (when the operating altitude of the equipment exceeds 1000m, please specify!);
• The surrounding air is not polluted by corrosive gases and/or combustible and explosive gases, and there is no severe impact at the installation site; the pollution level does not exceed the level III specified in GB/T5582;
• Seismic intensity: level 8;
• The amplitude of electromagnetic interference induced in the secondary system does not exceed 1.6kV;
•Special conditions of use: If different from the above conditions of use, the user needs to negotiate with the manufacturer to reach a consensus.


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