25kVA Single Phase Electric Pole Mounted Transformer

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single phase pole mounted power electric 25kva transformer


 The Farady overhead transformer may be used alone for the supply of a single phase load or as one of three units in a bank for the supply of a three phase load. The unit may be direct mounted to a wooden or concrete pole, or cluster mounted on a pole for three phase use. Our single phase overhead distribution transformer is commonly used in various places including rural areas, remote regions and scattered villages to provide high quality power supply for daily lighting, agricultural production and industrial plants. Aside from these, it is also suitable for the energy saving projects for railway and urban grid.

Standard Features

–All units are built in accordance with both ANSI C57 12.00 and ANSI C57 12.20, except as modified to comply with customer specifications.
  –Mild  steel  tank  with  welded  lifting  lugs  and hanger brackets for direct to pole mounting.
 –Single piece clamped cover band meets cover retention requirements of ANSI standards.
 –Electrostatically applied polyester powder paint system for superior corrosion protection.
 –HV porcelain cover mounted bushings
 –Tank  wall  mounted  porcelain  or  polymer  low voltage bushings.
 –Tin-plated  bronze  terminals  for  connection  to copper or aluminum.
 –Insulated cover for wildlife protection.
 –Laser engraved aluminum nameplate.
 –NON-PCB insulating oil.
 –KVA rating on tank wall.
 –Low voltage ground provisions.
 –Tank ground provisions
–Arrester mounting nuts welded to tank
  –One HV bushings with tank ground strap for  grounded wye applications or two HV bushings for  wye applications
 –Recessed tank bottom
 –Dual High voltage ratings.
 –Drain and sampling valve
 –Connections for groundings.
 –Stencils  and  according  to  customer requirements.
 –External  tank  mounted  high  voltage  lighting arrester.
 –Interlaced  secondary  windings  (through  50 kVA).
 –Stainless steel tank ,cover ,clamping band. 
–Variety  of  features  available  for  wildlife protections.

Service condition

a)       Suitable for both indoor or outdoor
b)      Air temperature:Maximum temperature:+40ºC;Minimum temperature:-25 ºC
c)      Humidity:Monthly average humidity 95%;Daily average humidity 90%
d)      Altirude above sea level:Maximum installation altitude:200m.
e)       Ambient air not apparently polluted by corrosive and flammable gas,vapor etc.
f)       No frequent violent shake

Model Rated Capacity (kVA) Primary rating (V) Tapping Range
Secondary rating
No load loss Load loss
DH15-3 3 34500/19920
or others
Or thers
Or thers
8 45
DH15-5 5 8 75
DH15-10 10 12 120
DH15-15 15 15 195
DH15-25 25 18 290
DH15-37.5 37.5 30 360
DH15-50 50 32 500
DH15-75 75 45 650
DH15-100 100 50 850
DH15-167 167 65 1410
DH15-250 250 90 2000
DH15-333 333 120 2500


In Western developed countries, Southeast Asia, and the South America, a large number of single-phase transformers are used as distribution transformers. In the power distribution network with distributed power supply, single-phase transformers have great advantages as distribution transformers. It can reduce the length of low-voltage distribution lines, reduce line losses, and improve the quality of power supply. It adopts a high-efficiency and energy-saving coiled iron core structure design. The transformer is characterized by a pole-mounted suspension installation method, which is small in size, small in capital investment, and reduces low voltage. The power supply radius can reduce the low-voltage line loss by more than 60%. The transformer adopts a fully sealed structure, with strong overload capacity, high continuous operation reliability, simple maintenance and long service life.
It is suitable for rural power grids, remote areas, scattered villages, agricultural production, lighting and power use. It can also be used for railways and urban power grids for energy-saving transformation of pole-mounted power distribution lines.
It can be operated in single-phase or three single-phase groups as three-phase operation.

Model meaning

Model D
Simplex Performance level code Rated capacity (kVA) Voltage rating (KV) Special use environment code (GY-Gaoyuan, WF-anti-corrosion, TA—dry tropical, TH—wet tropical)

Product Standards

GB1094.1-2-2013 GB16451-2015
Rated high voltage: 10 (10.5, 11, 6, 6.3, 6.6) kV
Rated low voltage: 0.22 (0.23, 0.24) kV
Tap range: non-excitation voltage regulation (±5%, ±2×2.5%)
Connection group: lio or Ii6
Insulation level: LI75AC35/AC5

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