10KV cable branch box outlet with switch and structural characteristics

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DFWK-12 Cable Distribution Box

DFW-12 DFW-24 630A European common high voltage outdoor cable branch box

10KV cable branch box outlet with switch is quoted according to user drawings? XGN15-12 (II) type cabinet structure: busbar room The busbar room is arranged in the upper part of the cabinet. In the busbar room, the main busbars are connected together and run through the entire row of switch cabinets. A three-position load switch is installed in the switch room of the load switch. The shell of the load switch is made of epoxy resin and filled with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas as an insulating medium. The switch room can be installed with SF6 gas density according to customer requirements. Meter or gas densitometer with alarm contact. The cable room load switch cabinet has ample cable room. The cable branch box with switch is mainly used for cable connection, so that single-core or three-core cables can be connected with simple unshielded cable heads. At the same time, there is plenty of space to install lightning arresters and current Transformers, lower grounding switches and other components. Designed according to standards,

   10KV cable branch box outlet with switch is quoted according to the user’s drawing? The switch cable branch box cabinet door has an observation window and a safety interlock device, the cable room bottom plate is equipped with a sealing cover and a cable clamp with a support frame of appropriate size. The bottom plate of the cable room and the front frame of the door can be removed to facilitate cable installation. Operating mechanism, interlocking mechanism and low-voltage control room with interlocking low-voltage room at the same time play the role of control panel. The low-voltage room with switch cable branch box is equipped with spring operating mechanism with position indicator and mechanical interlocking device, Auxiliary contacts, trip coil, emergency trip mechanism, capacitive charged display, key lock and electric operating device can also be installed. At the same time, the low-voltage room space can also be equipped with control circuits, measuring instruments and protection relays. There are two 750mm wide cabinets. The same low-pressure chamber can be equipped with more accessories.

 10KV cable branch box outlet with switch is quoted according to user drawings? Features:

 1. Outdoor type (and indoor type), fully sealed structure, “five prevention” safety, maintenance-free, reliable personal safety protection.

2. High-voltage live line display environmentally friendly outdoor cable branch box, which simplifies the city cable network system and saves investment.

3, outdoor type, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-flood, corrosion-resistant, strong environmental adaptability, flexible combination, from one line in and out to multiple lines, can meet various wiring requirements.

4. Small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple installation, convenient operation mode conversion, and flexible protection setting. And there is a live display, can be equipped with a short-circuit indicator, and can be equipped with a lightning arrester.

5. Small footprint, low height, beautiful appearance, can be coordinated with the surrounding environment*, flexible wiring schemes, convenient installation and operation.

 6. The cable branch box is equipped with a load switch and can be equipped with a grounding switch, and is equipped with a dedicated manual operating mechanism or an electric operating mechanism. At the same time, it has the function of an isolating switch, and can install a short-circuit fault indicator to quickly determine the fault location.

7. It can be connected flexibly through any combination of load switch and cable connector, which can meet a variety of wiring requirements, improve the flexibility of line operation, maintenance and overhaul, reduce line power outage time, and improve power supply reliability. It can replace part of the ring network cabinet or opening and closing station, reducing the overall cost of the system.

8. Electric operating mechanism, RTU and communication equipment can be equipped under special requirements to realize SCADA function


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