The Driving Force Behind The Steady Economic Growth


Service economy development

Where the road is built, the distribution network extends to where; where the development of the park, the power grid will be covered. Electricity and economic and social development is positively related to economic stability to the good, behind the adequacy of power backing.

The first quarter of this year, the total electricity consumption grew by 6.9%, growth picked up 3.7 percentage points over the same period last year, indicates that China’s economy continued good momentum in the first quarter of this year, maintained a good development trend of steady progress, steady.

Reflecting the economic stability for the better, the more intuitive sign is that industrial electricity consumption grew by 7.6%, and industrial power consumption growth rate of contribution to the whole society has picked up, reaching 75%. In the same period last year, industrial electricity consumption was negative growth.

“Behind electricity consumption is real, obvious economic activity.”.” National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute researcher Zhou Dadi believes that industrial electricity consumption from negative to positive, indicating that China’s economy has been adjusted to enter a new stage of growth.

Spring duck prophet. In the tide of market economy, the most sensitive is of course enterprise. Economic stability to the good, enterprise production is thriving.

New demand for power supply transformation and upgrading of rural power grid

In the first quarter, the energy consumption of the agricultural first industry grew by 10.1% compared with the same period of last year, and the growth rate of electricity consumption in the three major industries was the fastest. In recent years, a new round of rural power network transformation, the transformation of small towns power grids and the power supply projects in villages and towns are being released by the national Power Grid Corp, and the rural electricity consumption is being released. It is estimated that by 2020, only the power supply of the pumped wells and the power supply from every village will increase the rural electricity consumption by about 14 billion degrees. Better electricity environment has further stimulated the electricity demand of residents and customers. In the city before, a variety of large household appliances will be gradually popularized in rural areas, but also stimulating the growth of electricity consumption. Agricultural electricity consumption was 20 billion 300 million degrees in the first quarter, up 10.1% over the same period, increasing faster than industry and services.

Upgrade, national Power Grid Corp to carry out a new round of rural reform of UHV construction large-scale power grid investment not only directly stimulating the growth of electricity consumption, on the other hand from promoting economic development, especially has played a significant role in boosting of metallurgy, building materials, electrical and mechanical industries. Take the 500 thousand volt project as an example, 5 thousand tons of steel and 7 thousand cubic meters of aluminum and 2 thousand cubic meters of cement are needed for every hundred kilometers of lines. Research shows that 100 million yuan increase in power grid investment, it will drive related industries output 300 million yuan.

Electricity and economy are inseparable. The growth of electricity consumption is not only an objective expression of economic stability but also a concrete reflection of the convenient use of electricity. It is precisely because electricity is more convenient, people’s demand for electricity has been well met and further released. Today, all aspects of our production and life are inseparable from the electricity, high quality and stable power has become a strong driving force for economic development and social progress.

Post time: Aug-08-2019
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