Standard For Environmental Indication Certification Of Dry Type Transformer

State Environmental Protection Administration recently issued the “dry transformer type I environmental labeling certification standards”, indicating that a variety of energy-saving industrial products began to receive attention. The “Framework Convention on climate” to save energy to replace fossil energy global action into the field of environmental protection, so that the human production and life activities are related to energy saving, all human activities are associated with environmental protection.

The State Environmental Protection Administration promulgated the environmental labeling index of emphasis on product quality must comply with the GB / T102281997 and GB64501986 quality standards, the production must meet emission standards, the no-load loss, load loss, noise, the partial discharge of 4 indicators to be defined, namely the no-load loss less than 20% GB, the load loss is lower than 15%, noise ratio JB / T100881999 standard low 15%, partial discharge amount of JB / T560091998 standard standard.

In addition, the majority of dry-type transformers for the country, for the epoxy resin casting type, after the waste, because of resin, glass fiber curing integration into the whole, can not be decomposed, polluting the environment. A new type of insulation material such as DuPont NOMEX dry-type transformer, with high insulation level, combustion does not produce toxic gases, high reliability and easy decomposition, small volume and light weight advantages, should be advocated. A large number of enterprises have been produced in China, and the momentum of promotion has been great. To this end, environmental labeling certification has excluded epoxy resin cast dry-type power transformers outside the environmental signs.

It can be expected that the formulation of standards for industrial products, energy saving and low noise transformer that will become more industrial products for energy saving and low noise environmental certification mark of the pilot, so as to promote the pace of all walks of life to speed up the environment!

Post time: Aug-08-2019
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