Cooperation Between Government And Enterprises Of Zhejiang Electric Power To Open Network And Information Security Year

In news before the national network of Zhejiang Electric Power Corporation and the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau network security signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This marks the national grid Zhejiang power network and information security year special event officially launched.

As an important part of the network and information security of the national key infrastructure, the power sector is very important for network security. All along, the State Grid, Zhejiang electric power network attaches great importance to the work of security, and actively implement the network security measures, the establishment of a relatively complete network security protection system. Zhejiang electric power in strict accordance with the unified arrangements and requirements of the Ministry of public security, the National Energy Bureau, the provincial government, the national Power Grid Corp actively carry out the work of network security, network security has always maintained steady situation. Electric power monitoring system in terms of security, the national electricity network in Zhejiang adhere to the general principle of “safety partition, network specific, horizontal isolation and longitudinal certification, the province to carry out the county three level dispatching automation system security assessment, security and real-time monitoring, technical supervision to strengthen the power plant monitoring system involving the network part, the level of protection of power to enhance the safety monitoring system. In the management information system of network security, the national electricity network in Zhejiang adhere to the “overall strategy, dual dual partition domain, level protection, multi-layer defense”, the establishment of a comprehensive information security defense system management standardization, the depth of the defense.

In 2016, under the strong leadership of the State Grid Corporation, in support of the Zhejiang provincial public security department, the national electricity network in Zhejiang completed a high standard “G20 Hangzhou summit”, “the third world Internet Conference – Wuzhen summit Paul electric network security work, to obtain highly affirmed the provincial government, the state Grid Corporation, and more units and individuals by superior recognition.

In 2017, State Grid, Zhejiang electric power soberly recognized the complex situation of network security and severe challenges. To this end, the national electricity network in Zhejiang for the first time to carry out the network and information security in special activities, to study and implement the “national network security law”, improve the staff awareness of network security, strengthen network security management, and strengthen the coordination of government departments, to protect the security of critical information infrastructure, network and information security incident prevention. Early in Zhejiang electric power network of public security and the Provincial Department of friendly consultations in depth, the two sides will develop in accordance with the principle of collaborative linkage, joint promotion, earnestly perform their duties, to deepen the comprehensive enterprise network and information security strategic cooperation.

Next, the State Grid, Zhejiang power will continue to strengthen network security management and protection, strengthen the implementation of network security responsibilities, improve network security management system, and further enhance the network security and protection capabilities.

Post time: Aug-08-2019
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